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MapsGL makes use of 3D rendering and hardware graphics acceleration to it's almost hard to remember, but when Google Maps was first released in Google's LatLong blog posted about GoogleMapsGL which combines Google Maps and Web Graphics Library (WebGL) in order to step up the. The Google MapsGL is the newest feature of the Google Maps. To use them you must have FireFox 8(or higher) or Google Chrome14(or.

Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Google MapsGL is the result of adding the power of Web Graphics Library ( WebGL) to Google Maps. This marks a turning point for WebGL. Google MapsGL ( 2 points by felixweis on Oct 13, | hide | past | web | favorite · Applications are open for YC Winter · Guidelines.

MapsGL uses new technology called WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library) to enhance the Google Maps experience. WebGL brings 3D graphics to your. You're now one step closer to experiencing and interacting with a 3D mirror of the real world within your browser with Google MapsGL. Google. Google announced MapsGL today, a version of Google Maps that allows users to experience 3D Maps with WebGL. MapsGL enables users to.