Inuyasha episode 118 download

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Inuyasha episode 118

Hakurei is the one hundred eighteenth episode of the InuYasha anime. Sango and Miroku go deeper into Mount Hakurei and encounter Kagura, and fend off a host of demons. Outside on the mountain, Kagome and Inuyasha wait apprehensively: too much time as passed and they suspect Miroku. The evil within Mt. Hakurei is Naraku's demons and Kagura. Miroku risks his life to save Sango, by opening his Wind Tunnerl and sucking in the demons along. Read the topic about InuYasha Episode Discussion on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga.

Watch InuYasha Episode Online at Anime-Planet. Naraku's demons are the evil within Mt. Hakurei. Miroku risks his life to save Sango.