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Blackberry icon wont go away

I have icon indicating that I have a voice mail that just stays permanently on the phone, even though I don't actually have any messages. New voicemail icon wont go away on BlackBerry Priv. Voicemail icon stays in notification bar BlackBerry Priv. The simplest solution is to leave yourself a new voicemail. Then access your voicemail box and delete the message you left and any other messages remaining in your mailbox and it will remove the notification. Please Login to Remove! Anyone know why the voicemail icon won't go away on the top of the screen? Or even why it does that? I've made.

I have a voicemail notification saying I have 2 new voicemails that won't go away. I have my google voice account set as my voicemail on my. I don't have any voicemails but the icon won't go away. I'm new here, I actually use a BlackBerry but I also have a G2 but I think I can help. Environment. PRIV; BlackBerry powered by Android. Back to top ↑ Tap Settings > Calls > Voicemail. Tap Clear voicemail icon. Back to top ↑.

The banner icon showing the number of unread messages on the BlackBerry® smartphone does not disappear even if all the messages are read. Back to top ↑ . My Blackberry shows a battery symbol with a red line through it. (Sometimes Your Blackberry wont be recognized.. 2. i also put my battery in the blackberry then. Blackberry messenger icon won't go away! - BlackBerry I can't get rid of the blackberry messenger icon on top of my screen, and there's no conversation. You can ask your BB to alert you when certain web pages are updated and this is most likely it. Seems like the only time people do this is by accident, i've done it.