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Fb desktop version

I can get to the desktop version of my main wall feed from WITHIN the facebook app with this link: brandonapplegate.com?m2w and from there I can nav. Facebook Login is the quick, easy way to sign into apps without creating new usernames and passwords. Is it possible to access the desktop version of this site on my mobile phone? How do I switch to regular version of Facebook from basic version in desktop? There are 3 possible ways by which you can access brandonapplegate.com desktop version on your android phone.

Another way to access the full facebook site: Go to brandonapplegate.com and allow the mobile web app to load. Tap on “More” and then tap on “Desktop Site.” Once the . How to view the full desktop version of the Facebook site from your Android device. Facebook doesn't allow us to access their web version on Android Smartphone. It 'll automatically redirect you to the mobile version. It's not that.

Though their mobile app on iOS and Android theoretically features most of the same capabilities as the desktop version of Facebook, many. Goto brandonapplegate.com in your URL box once the loading has been completed, you will be automatically redirected yo Facebook desktop version. If you are looking for full featured Desktop Facebooking App then you come to the right place! Many of us got use to with desktop style facebooking & love to use.