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Vision therapy software

patients' binocular and perceptual vision skills! on Home Therapy Solutions. In-Office Therapy Computerized Binocular Home Vision Therapy Program. HTS iNet - PTS II - Contact Us - PVT. My name is Marc, and I am a vision therapy graduate. I immediately started a vision therapy program and saw tremendous improvement in. Your eye doctor can prescribethe eye care that you need. If you are suffering from computer vision syndrome, learning disabilities, or other signs of eyestrain.

I would definitely recommend the Vision Therapy at Home program! It was very easy to work with and easy to work into our schedule. It was very convenient for. Do you or your child need vision therapy but there is not specialist in your area? Consider visiting Florida for a custom made at home training program. NovaVision VRT is the only commercially available FDA-cleared therapy designed to restore vision loss due to neurological brain damage, like a stroke.

HTS is a revolutionary new advance in eye care. It's a computerized program that helps eliminate the symptoms of eyestrain. This is the most common visual. Home/Vision Therapy/Software. Software Optics Trainer Eye Tracker Program HTS iNet Program PTS II - Computerized Perceptual Therapy System. However, I did not develop stereo vision until age 48 when I underwent optometric vision therapy under the guidance of a developmental optometrist.". VISION THERAPY. Vision therapy is an individualized treatment program used to eliminate or improve many visual problems that get in the way of reading.