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File db1.mdb

Does anyone know why files such as, etc get created automatically? Can the creation be disabled? Thanks, John. The file is not file, it's an (db1).mdb file. Since we're on the subject, today I came across a file that was named the same as the database. problems include application errors, missing files, and possible virus infection. Here are the top five most common problems and how to fix.

the appearance in some of them of, etc. It seems like these files are created when the users start their applications, then. Hi, I have my databases configured to run compact and repair on shutdown. On occasion when the database does it compact and repair. If I run the same MSAccess process from my local C: drive the files are automatically deleted but on the network, they are not.

It can be a full path and file name, such as "C:\". If the file name has an extension, you must specify it. If your network supports it, you. After the compact is complete the original file is deleted and replaced with the renamed as the original file. The following issue only. Creates a new file (; Copies all objects and data to new database MODIFY, READ) in order to use an Access database properly. Move the mouse-pointer over the file menu bar option and click the left mouse Note that the name written against the File Name field is which is the.